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Smallest PLC

6.35 x 6.35 and 1.27 cm high !

Enables new and smaller projects

Powerful Software

Flow Chart and Ladder

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Two types of interfaces

with Mini connectors

or Base PCB



Connectors/DIN-Rail version
Ace Diagonal
Chip PLC version

Get an overview of vBuilder

Graphically program in Ladder Logic or Flow Charts.
A pleasure to use programming software.
Our instruction set is powerful, compact and easy to learn.

Main Specs

Wide operating
temperature range
-40 +85 °C

Lightweight PLC
Less than 35 gr !
Push-In : Easy to wire
& Plug connectors !
from 3 to 30 VDC
0.3 Amp/Output
from 0.18 W !






Tailored to your needs


Made for Motion

stepping_motor_pulsed_output servo_control high_speed_counter    quadrature_signal

Stepping Motor

Pulsed Output

Servo Control

LED Intensity Control

High Speed Counter

Quadrature Encoders

up to 3 stepper motors per PLC with a combined speed of 250kHz Every digital output can produce it’s own Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) signal Pulses or 3 Quadrature encoders inputs up to 250 kHz

As well as software Counters , Ramps and PID

counter_icone ramp_icone pid_icone

Some examples of applications

Serial Gateway – Remote Recopy of Inputs/Outputs – Custom Serial Messages – Modbus Remote I/O on RS232/485 or USB – Elevator Control – Communication with Laboratory Scale – Stepper Motor Control – Servo Motor Control – RC Servo Control – Counter or Encoder with Motion_In function – …
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Ace Specs

Power : Voltage : 4.75 to 5.5 VDC, 300 mA maximum
Current : from 35 mA, 300 mA maximum
USB & RS232/485 : 3 wire (TX/A, RX/B, GND) Modbus
Operating temperature : -40 to +85C
Socket connectors and Push in wire connectors
Provide with Free Ladder and Flow Chart Software
Digital Inputs : 3 to 30 VDC
Digital Outputs : 3 to 30 VDC sinking transistor. 0.3 A/output.
Analog Resolution : 12 bit input, 16 bit output.
Thermocouple Inputs : Types : selectable J, K, T and N
Wire : 0.13 to 0.50 mm2 (best wire fit is with 0.20 or 0.33 mm2)
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and 2014/30/EU – CE
Ace User Guidepdf_downlaod

Ask your personal Ace !

How to reduce cost ?

After deploying your first applications with many Ace PLCs…
Ask your personnal Ace !

Simplest version (less features) of one of our Ace PLCs or our Embedded version !
Our embedded PLCs plug directly into your custom hardware. No messy wires.
They really become part of your hardware, not something dangling to the side.

At 6.35 x 6.35 x 1.27 cm they’ll take up less design space than any other traditional or embedded PLC on the market !

Ace Diagonal
Connectors version
 Embedded-Ace-plc-sps-PCB-Base PCB version

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