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We are a passionate team of Engineers who started Ace PLC because we were frustrated at how little the PLC market has advanced. Hardware is expensive and software looks like it’s been frozen in time for years. We wanted to design a more advanced PLC to speed up development time and decrease costs.

Our team has been in the automation world for many years. Dennis, our president, started Optimation in 1990. Optimation made the first operator panels. As a testiment to their quality, they’re still sold today.

Ace PLC adventure began in 2007. 9 years were spent developing a next generation PLC. In that time we created many prototypes, but refused to go to market till we had something we were truly proud of. Ace PLC are the result of this pursuit of a truly great PLC.

We’re confident you’ll love them and look forward to hearing how you use them


Dustin and Dennis
Founders of Velocio Networks

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