Free remote maintenance for your Ace PLC and Command-HMI

Now, all machine builder recognizes the need to remotely access its machines in order to reduce maintenance costs and optimize customers machine uptime.

Our solution is free, and uses almost common hardware for its realization. It’s simple and easy to use…

  • On the Ace PLCs side, generally the end-user, we will use a 3G/4G connection.
  • On PC remote maintenance side (vBuilder), generally the machine builder, we will use the office internet connection.

WIFI/4G remote access using an Android smartphone

Before to start this tutorial, you must know that it’s possible to upload a program without disclosure the code. For that, with vBuilder you may “Program to File”, so the user doesn’t see the actual code. You can send it by eMail. They would use the “Program from File” function to program the device.  This also takes care of starting the program, so it’s very easy for the end user.

However, if you want to troubleshoot, debug and program Ace PLCs remotely and in live, follow this tutorial:

On the Ace PLCs side = Server side

You need:

Android Phone
whatever the model


USB to Mini USB cable
(Ace programming cable)


  • On your Smartphone, install the VirtualHere USB Server application available on Google Play for Android or an APK file directly from here
  • Start the program.
  • In the menu, select “Reverse Clients”. Add a new Reverse Client and Enter “client hostname”or IP address.
    • This IP address is the Public IP addess of the Internet access (ADSL) on the remote maintenance PC side.
    • Generally, you must ask this IP address to the machine builder.
    • Let the port number by defaut (7573). So you must have something like XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:7573 where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the Internet ADSL IP address.
  • All done ! That’s all. We just have to wait the connection of the engineer service / machine builder. (Remote maintenance PC side)!
On the PC remote maintenance side : Client side
  • On the PC where vBuilder is installed, close vBuilder and download:
  • Start the program VirtualHere USB Client. Right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs…-> Advanced Tab and check “Enable Reverse Connections”
  • All done again! That all! We just have to wait the connection from the Ace PLCs side :
    • Here, we are connected to the USB port of the Android Smartphone
      • Double-click on the “Virtual COM Port” to connect the virtual local USB port (which you have just created) to the virtual USB serial COM port (Driver that provides a virtual COM1/COM2/COM3/… on this virtual USB port)
      • Or you can select Auto-Use All Devices for be connected automatically on each USB port.
  • Then launch vBuilder and you can work as you were directly connected to your Ace PLC!
    • Now, you can troubleshoot, debug and program Ace PLCs remotely and almost live
    • You can switch to other applications on your smartphone, it will always work
Do not interrupt communication while downloading the program (It only takes less than 3 seconds!)
Make sure the smartphone stays awake (on) or you will disconnect the connection (or stay on the application)