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Before Start-Up


  • Before connecting PLC to PC :
    • Install vBuilder
    • Restart your PC (advisable)
    • RUN vBuilder
    • Plug PLC
    • If you have some issues, please, have a look here
  • PLC may be powered via USB (except Ace 7096) or 5V on power plug. You can plug both at the same time.
  • Before wirring PLC (outputs) :
  • To enable PLC to start up  program after power cycle, in vBuilder, press the V program button then press the green triangle run button . Now you are free to cycle PLC power. PLC will start program on power up.


Software & Manuals
vbuilder_box Free vBuilder Programming Software Graphically program in Ladder Logic and Flow Charts. Powerful instruction set, compact & easy to learn. See also Tutorial below.
vBuilder Programming Manual
Manuel de Programmation vBuilder
More than 300 pages. Developing Programs with Velocio Builder. Control Basics and Tutorials. Flow Chart Implementation.  Ladder Logic Implementation. Program Download and Debug.
Ace Diagonal Ace User Guide Wire inputs/outputs of Ace PLCs. VMount DIN rail mounting adapter. Specifications.
HMI Tool Free Tool Software for HMIs. See also Tutorials below.
HMI Tool Manual More than 380 pages. Quick start of HMI Tool. Basic steps of creating a new project. HMI Tool Configuration Guide. Simulation. 
Free vFactory Scada Software

Create operator controls under Windows with Awesome, Free Scada. Simplicity is the name of the game. We want you to get your application up and running ASAP. Easy to Build Operator Controls. Plug in your programmed PLC. vFactory will gather your tags, know which are read-only and which are writable. You’re ready to fill pages with graphs, numbers, labels and value adjustment tools from vFactory’s simple, yet powerful set of 12 tools. Drag and drop controls to create Operator Control Panels. Designed to be the easiest to use HMI software around.


Tips and tricks

Upload a program without disclosure the code

With vBuilder you may “Program to File”, so the user doesn’t see the actual code.  They would use the “Program from File” function to program the device.  This also takes care of starting the program, so it’s very easy for the end user.

Flow Chart: Insert or delete a line or column

With vBuilder you may insert or delete a line or column just by fly over the rules. Just click for insert a line or column or press [Ctrl] key and click for delete it.

Remote maintenance for your Ace PLC and Command-HMI

Our solutions are free or cheap, and uses almost common hardware for its realization. It’s simple, reliable and easy to use…
Follow this tutorial to discover our solutions


Subroutines for import in vBuilder”

You have built a useful subroutine ? Send it to us, we will publish it !



Many videos on our YouTube channel

Tutorials & How To

Programming and Fonctions

Getting Started with vBuilder – Create a very simple program to introduce vBuilder programming software.
State Machines – Introduction to the format we highly recommend you use with your flow charts.
Subroutine Example – How we recommend structuring your subroutines.
Timer Example – How to count up and countdown with timer.
Debounce Example – Eliminate extra ON/OFF transitions that occur when using mechanical buttons and switches.
Rising Edge –  How to do things in flow charts based on a Rising Edge signal (OFF to ON transition)
Real Time Clock – How to set it, read it and compare against it.
Near Parallel – How to do multiple tasks at almost the same time.

How to Wire Inputs/Outputs/Terminal Boards/Power Supply

Wire Connections to the Ace PLC – Pluggable Terminal Blocks.
Digital Inputs
– How to Wire Digital Inputs of Ace PLC.
Digital Outputs – How to Wire Digital Outputs of Ace PLC.
Analog Inputs – How to Wire Analog Inputs of Ace PLC.
Terminal Boards – Click on each wirring diagram on the shop page
Combination Analog Inputs and Analog Outputs – How to Wire Analog Inputs and Outputs of Ace PLC.
Thermocouple and Low Voltage Analog Inputs – About Thermocouple 16 bit Differential Low Voltage Analog Inputs.
Thermocouple (Temperature) Example – How to use it in degrees C or F.

Serial RS232/485/USB communication : Applications

Serial Gateway – How to use Ace PLCs with 2 serial ports as a serial Gateway
Remote Recopy of Inputs/Outputs – How to use Ace as Mirror function
Custom Serial Messages – How to send and receive custom serial messages.
Expansion unit 1430 – How to use an RS232/485 Ace PLC (here 1430) as an I/O expansion unit for Ace PLCs
Modbus protocol – With the Ace PLCs on RS232, RS485 and USB Ports.

HMI / Scada

CommandHMI Demo Application – Learn how the pre-loaded demo application was created. Goes over basic components like buttons and numeric entries and graphs. Also covers more advanced concepts including recipes and macros.
PLC to CommandHMI Communication – Learn to sends data between your PLC and the HMI.
Ace PLC to AdvancedHMI Software – Free Windows HMI software that runs in Visual Studio (Modbus)
CommandHMI in Modbus Slave Mode – How to setup the CommandHMI as Slave Modbus
Sampling of an analog input and transfer of the graph to the HMI:
– With 2 Arrays of 248 values (1 ms by record)
– With Datalogg tool of vBuilder (20 ms by record)

Motors / Encoders / HighSpeed / PWM

Sampling of an analog input and transfer of the graph to the HMI:
– With 2 Arrays of 248 values (1 ms by record)
– With Datalogg tool of vBuilder (20 ms by record)
Stepper Motor Control – How to move a stepper motor to several locations using the Motion Out function.
Stepper Motor Control – How to wire EasyDriver, the Stepper Motor Driver.
Servo Motor Control – How to ontrol of  Brushless DC Servo Motors.
RC Servo Control – How to control the angle of a RC servo using a PWM output.
Counter or Encoder with Motion_In – How to use Motion_In function for high speed counting or encoder

Projects Examples

Elevator Example – A small program to control an elevator.
Laboratory Scale – How to control an Adam Equipment Industrial Scale with a PLC.

How to check the connection with my Ace PLC, my PC and vBuilder

Ace PLC is not see with vBuilder or Windows. No USB sign bottom right-hand corner of your vBuilder screen. In Setup Hardware, the button doesn't work.

Check if you see the COM port in vBuilder with this tool:

Check in your Windows device manager (devmgmt.msc) if you see VelocioComm

if not, try these :

Plug and unplug USB cable, and have a look to the Device Manager Windows.
If the list refreshes as you plug it in/unplug it, the it sees something.
If it is an unknown device, then it's probably that you needs to install the driver: 1:Uninstall vBuilder - 2:Restart your PC (advisable) - 3:Install vBuilder - 4:RUN vBuilder - 5:Plug PLC
If nothing happens, check if the led of the PLC blinks. If not, check the power supply or maybe the power of your USB port.
Try to change the USB cable (Some USB cable can work with some devices, but not with all devices - due to wires diameter of the USB cable)
Try on another PC