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Better PLC Programming Software. Graphically program in Ladder Logic or Flow Charts.
Our instruction set is powerful, compact and easy to learn.

Rapidly Create Flow Chart and/or Ladder Logic applications. Our function set is comprehensive, easy to use and powerful.
Warnings and Errors are presented in real time so there are no surprises at build.

Innovative Features
Subroutines: Break projects up into manageable chunks, and allow program reuse.
Objects: Isolate data and create logic components to greatly improve development efficiency, maintainability, reliability and reusability.
Linked Subroutines: Specify that multiple subroutines should use the same Objects. Maybe you’ve got an initialization routine you’d like in one subroutine, and a process you want in another. They can share an object, so you don’t have to pass data between the two.
We’re serious about delivering the easiest to use, most productive PLC software.
We could go on about our features, but seeing is believing, so try our vBuilder software !


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System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)