Tutorials : Get started with step by step tutorials

Specifications of Ace PLCs.
Getting Started with vBuilder
– Create a very simple program to introduce vBuilder programming software.
State Machines – Introduction to the format we highly recommend you use with your flow charts.
Timer Example – How to count up and countdown with timer.
Rising Edge – How to do things in flow charts based on a Rising Edge signal (OFF to ON transition)
Real Time Clock – How to set it, read it and compare against it.
Thermocouple (Temperature) Example – How to use it in degrees C or F.
Debounce Example – Eliminate extra ON/OFF transitions that occur when using mechanical buttons and switches.
Subroutine Example – How we recommend structuring your subroutines.
Near Parallel – How to do multiple tasks at almost the same time.
Custom Serial Messages – How to send and receive custom serial messages.
Elevator Example – A small program to control an elevator.
ACE PLC to Kinco HMI – Connect a ACE PLC with RS232 or RS232/485 port to a Kinco HMI in Modbus.
ACE PLC to AdvancedHMI Software – Free Windows HMI software that runs in Visual Studio (Modbus).
Stepper Motor Control – How to move a stepper motor to several locations using the Motion Out function.
Stepper Motor Control – How to wire EasyDriver, the Stepper Motor Driver.
Servo Motor Control – How to ontrol of Brushless DC Servo Motors.
RC Servo Control – How to control the angle of a RC servo using a PWM output.
Laboratory Scale – How to control an Adam Equipment Industrial Scale with a PLC.
Digital Inputs – How to Wire Digital Inputs of Ace PLC.
Digital Outputs – How to Wire Digital Outputs of Ace PLC.
Analog Inputs – How to Wire Analog Inputs of Ace PLC.
Combination Analog Inputs and Analog Outputs – How to Wire Analog Inputs and Outputs of Ace PLC.
Thermocouple and Low Voltage Analog Inputs – About Thermocouple 16 bit Differential Low Voltage Analog Inputs.
RS232, RS232/485 and USB ports of Ace PLC – How to Wire.
Modbus protocol – With the Ace PLCs on RS232, RS485 and USB Ports.
Wire Connections to the Ace PLC – Pluggable Terminal Blocks.
vMount DIN rail – Mounting adapter.

Guide & Manuals : Ace User Guide & vBuilder Programming Software Manual

Ace User Guide
Ace Diagonal
vBuilder Programming Software Manual

Softwares : Free vBuilder Programming Software & Free vFactory Scada Software


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Better PLC Programming Software. Graphically program in Ladder Logic or Flow Charts. Our instruction set is powerful, compact and easy to learn.

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System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)


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Create operator controls with Awesome, Free HMI 😉 Simplicity is the name of the game. We want you to get your application up and running ASAP. Easy to Build Operator Controls. Plug in your programmed PLC. vFactory will gather your tags, know which are read-only and which are writable. You’re ready to fill pages with graphs, numbers, labels and value adjustment tools from vFactory’s simple, yet powerful set of 12 tools. Drag and drop controls to create Operator Control Panels. Designed to be the easiest to use HMI software around.

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System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)