Before Start-Up

Before Start-Up with your ACE PLCs


Before connecting ACE PLC to PC

  • Install vBuilder
  • Restart your PC (advisable)
  • RUN vBuilder
  • Plug ACE PLC
  • PLC may be powered via USB (except Ace 7096) or 5V on power plug. You can plug both at the same time.Before connecting PLC to PC

Before wirring PLC outputs

To enable PLC to start up  program after power cycle

  • In vBuilder, press the V program button  then press the green triangle run button . Now you are free to cycle PLC power. PLC will start program on power up.

How to check the connection with my Ace PLC, my PC and vBuilder ?

  • If…
    • Ace PLC is not see with vBuilder or Windows.
    • No USB  sign bottom right-hand corner of your vBuilder screen.
    • In Setup Hardware, the button  doesn’t work.
  • Check if you see the COM port in vBuilder with this tool:
  • Check in your Windows device manager (devmgmt.msc) if you see VelocioComm
  • if not, try these :
    • Plug and unplug USB cable, and have a look to the Device Manager Windows.
    • If the list refreshes as you plug it in/unplug it, it sees something.
    • If it is an unknown device, then it’s probably that you needs to install the driver:
      1. Uninstall vBuilder
      2. Restart your PC (advisable)
      3. Install vBuilder
      4. RUN vBuilder
      5. Plug PLC
    • If nothing happens, check if the led of the PLC blinks. If not, check the power supply or maybe the power of your USB port.
    • Try to change the USB cable (Some USB cable can work with some devices, but not with all devices – due to wires diameter of the USB cable)
    • Try on another PC