Tips & Subroutines to download


Upload a program without disclosure the code

With vBuilder you may « Program to File », so the user doesn’t see the actual code. They would use the « Program from File » function to program the device. This also takes care of starting the program, so it’s very easy for the end user.

Flow Chart: Insert or delete a line or column

With vBuilder you may insert or delete a line or column just by fly over the rules.
Just click for insert a line or column or press [Ctrl] key and click for delete it.

Remote maintenance for your Ace PLC and Command-HMI

Our solutions are free and uses almost common hardware for its realization. It’s simple, reliable and easy to use…
Follow this tutorial to discover our solutions

Subroutines to download

How to add a subroutine in your project

Add a subroutine
in vBuilder

Select existing

Use it in your
main program

Can be use in
multi-instance mode

If exist
add data log

Subroutines inputs/outputs:

Pass by value
Not modified


Pass by reference
Value modified

Download your subroutine you are looking for

Average value of analog values for recording with HMI

Anti-debounce > 255 milliseconds on a digital input

Synchronize the time and date between the PLC and the HMI

Create an ON and/or OFF delay on a digital input

Recover tag values after power up

Manage a short or long press from a bit

Weekly program timer

Asynchronous pulse generator