Wire Connections to the Ace Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Ace units come with pluggable terminal blocks, like the one shown on the on the right. Connect your wires using the larger circular holes on the top row of the orientation shown. Looking at the connector, in the orientation shown from left to right, the eight wire positions are ground, six signal positions 1 through 6, and either a no connect or voltage connection You simply need to strip the insulation back about 1/8 inch, insert each wire into the proper round connector hole and push the wire in. It should push in very easily and lock in place. You should not be able to pull the wire back out.
To insert fine stranded wire, insert the blade of a connector tool (screwdriver) in the rectangular hole directly below the connection hole which you wish to insert your wire. The screwdriver blade should be horizontal (in line with the long dimension of the rectangular hole). This will open the spring capture connection. Simply push your wire in, then remove the blade. If you pull the wire, it should be captured in place and will not come out.
To remove any wire from the connector, use the Velocio screwdriver connector tool. Push the blade into the rectangular slot below the wire to open the spring clamp and release the wire. Gently pull the wire out, then remove to blade.

Connecting Power

Power to the Ace PLC must be provided via a two position pluggable connector, included with the
Ace unit. To connect power, insert the 5VDC and ground connections from a power supply into the
plug, as shown in the figure below. When plugged into the PLC’s power connector socket, the +5VDC
connection is to the right, closest to the corner.

Note that the Ace PLC can be also powered through the USB port.

Find this information in the Ace User Guide