Ready to be Wired
Embedded on PCB
Easy to Program
Highly Flexible

Keys Advantages

Develop Faster

Provides a great starting place
Lets you focus on the unique stuff

Powerful Software

Flow Chart & Ladder
Try it ! It’s FREE

Easy to Integrate

Plugs into your custom hardware
Uses standard 2.54 connectors

Big Improvements

When this customer approached us, he was using a classic PLC solution

Between their PLC and related control equipment, their controls cost them approximately 3000 € per box

Reduced Installation Costs

Smaller Footprint + Simplified Wiring
Built Systems Much Faster

88% Cost Savings

From 3000 € per System
Down to 360 €

23% Battery Efficiency Improvement

Reducing the Size of Batteries Used
or Increased Autonomy

Incredible Characteristics

0.18 W !

Very Low

-40 +85 °C

Wide Operating
Temperature Range

35 gr !

The Lightest

Amazing Performances

110 μs

High Speed
Scan Cycle

Up to 16bits / 65536p

Analog Signal

3 x 250 kHz

For All ACE PLCs

Made ALSO for Motion

Stepping Motor
Pulsed Output

Up to 3 Stepper Motors per PLC
with a Combined Speed of
250 kHz

Servo Control
LED Intensity Control

Every Digital Output
can Produce it’s Own
Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Signal

High Speed Counter
Quadrature Encoders

Pulses or
3 Quadrature Encoders Inputs
Up to 250 kHz


Graphically Program

ACE PLCs can be custom programmed for your application’s requirements, using vBuilder application that is distributed free of charge.

vBuilder is the most powerful, flexible and easy to use graphical program development software available in the industry.
That includes the packages from the industry titans, that will cost you hundreds to thousands of euros.

We’re sure that you’ll love it.

  • Really powerful, flexible and easy to use
  • “Grafcet” & “Ladder” logic programming
  • Object oriented graphical programming
  • Multi-point debugging
  • Copy-proof PLC program
  • Data log functions
  • Backgound tasks (PID, Ramp, Counter, Filter, Motion,..)
  • Variable names on the fly
  • True subroutines with multiple-instances
  • Same tool for ACE and eACE PLCs

There’s so much more. Download vBuilder to see for yourself. You’ll notice very quickly that you can develop any program that you can logically define, in a fraction of the time required using other approaches, with easy to use graphical tools – and its fun!
Hardware + Firmware + Software = Same manufacturer !

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Smart & Industrial
Front IP65 / -30 +70°C

Industrial Gateway

Ethernet WiFi 4G GPS MQTT
ACE Data under Remote Control


The Incredible Nano PLCs
For Machine Builders


Select your Solution
For your Machines


I love your PLC’s they are awesome, I use them all the time now !

Machine builder

Customer Email

Changing to the Ace PLCs reduced our material and labor costs substantially, but more importantly it eliminated numerous points of failure compared to our previous operating system. The introduction of the Ace PLC is responsible for dramatically improved reliability and efficiency of our product.


Machine builder, Coldbox

Programming is more flexible, quicker and easier to implement. Operation is more intuitive.

Because of the more advanced flow chart programming, we were able to improve battery performance by 23%. Every aspect is better than our previous solution. 

Ace Automation has been totally responsive to any and all issues that have been encountered, providing solutions that are timely and customer focused.

Manufacturing Manager

I am very impressed with your programing software. I hope I will have more time to use the Ace PLCs and the CommandHMI for others projects


Customer Email

Changing from the Classic PLC to Ace made product assembly much more efficient and reduced the space required by 90%.

R&D Manager