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Industrial ACE Micro PLCs

All Standard ACE PLCs are supplied with:

  • A super-strong 3M Double Sided Tape
  • A small high quality Power and IO Push-In Plug connectors

All Ace PLCs have a Modbus compatible USB programming port

Industrial eACE Micro PLCs for PCB

All Standard eACE PLCs are supplied with:

  • All the sockets you’ll need

All eACE PLCs have a Modbus compatible USB programming port

CommandHMI for ACE & eACE PLCs

No visible manufacturer’s mark. Used by many machine manufacturers.
Excellent value without compromising quality. Powerful Processor.
Free HMI software, designed to be the easiest to use.

All HMIs are supplied with :

  • Mounting kit
  • Downloadable programming software.

Compatible with all ACE PLCs via USB, RS232 or RS485 Modbus port.
! If used with PLC USB port: vBuilder debug mode can’t be use at the same time.

Optional Terminal Boards for ACE PLCs

All terminal blocks are supplied with :

  • Pre-wired cable, wire terminal boards to Ace IO ports. Length 450 mm.
  • Built in mount for 35mm DIN Rail or Screws or Bolts.
  • Built in LEDs indicating IO status.

Mini LAN/WAN/WIFI Modbus Gateway

Adds Modbus-TCP WIFI/LAN/WAN access to your ACE PLC.
Your ACE PLC Modbus table will be accessible from Modbus TCP.
Network configuration via embedded web pages (LAN/WAN, WIFI, DHCP, DNS, Firewall,..)
! Debug mode in vBuilder can’t be use at the same time.

All NEXX are supplied with :

  • 30 cm Mini-USB cable: ACE PLC <> NEXX Gateway.
  • Compact DC/DC 8-35 > 5 V Micro-USB converter.


Some useful accessories:

  • Simulator stick, DIN Rail mount, Programming cables, Sensors,…

Power Supplies & Regulator

All ACE PLCs are supplied with a 2 position connector to attach to a 5 volt power supply. Connects to 0.13 to 0.50 mm2 solid wire.
The Ace can be also powered by its USB programming port ! Except ACE with Analog Outputs.

Spare or additional parts

Sometimes you need extra things or spare parts