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Industrial ACE Micro PLCs

All Standard ACE PLCs are supplied with:

  • A super-strong 3M Double Sided Tape
  • A small high quality Power and IO Push-In Plug connectors

All Ace PLCs have a Modbus compatible USB programming port

Industrial eACE Micro PLCs for PCB

All Standard eACE PLCs are supplied with:

  • All the sockets you’ll need

All eACE PLCs have a Modbus compatible USB programming port


All HMIs are supplied with :

  • Mounting kit
  • Downloadable programming software.

HMI 4.3″ <> All ACE PLCs via USB*, RS232 or RS485 port.
HMI 7.0″ <> ACE PLCs with RS232 or RS485 port.
No visible manufacturer’s mark. Used by many machine manufacturers.

Optional Terminal Boards

All terminal blocks are supplied with :

  • Pre-wired cable, wire terminal boards to Ace IO ports. Length 450 mm.
  • Built in mount for 35mm DIN Rail or Screws or Bolts.
  • Built in LEDs indicating IO status.

Power Supplies & Regulator

All ACE PLCs are supplied with a 2 position connector to attach to a 5 volt power supply. Connects to 0.13 to 0.50 mm2 solid wire.
The Ace can be also powered by its USB programming port ! Except ACE with Analog Outputs.


Some useful accessories:

  • Simulator stick, DIN Rail mount, Programming cables, Sensors,…

Spare or additional parts

Sometimes you need extra things or spare parts