How to use the Ace as an Mirror function for all Ace PLCs which have an serial port ?

The Ace transmits the states of its inputs to the outputs of a remote Ace and the other way round. The program is the same in each Ace.

For this operation you must have 2 Ace PLC with a free serial port, RS232 or RS485.

You must link each Ace by the serial port:
RX to TX
TX to RX
Make sure the grounds are tied together and RX and TX are inverted
Upload Mirror Mode Between 2 Ace PLCs program to each Ace PLC and run it. (Unzip the file before)
Then move inputs of one of them and you’ll see the inputs reflected on the other device’s outputs.

You have to change the tag names (inputs/outputs) depending of you version of Ace.

That’s all !